Website hosting transfer

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You need to change hosting for your website, this package is for you.

We ensure the transfer / removal of data from your site (files, database and domain name) from one host to another.

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The website transfer / relocation package

How does the transfer take place?

  • If necessary, transfer the domain name to a new Registrar
  • Put in "Maintenance mode" of your old site, if there is a regular interaction with visitors (ex: forums)
  • Full backup of your site's files and database
  • New hosting configuration
  • Copy files and data to new hosting
  • Modification of the site configuration, if necessary (e.g. WordPress configuration)
  • Getting started with the website
  • Test site functionality on new hosting
  • Complete backup with new parameters
  • Delivery of the service


So that we can transfer / move your site in good conditions, you must ensure that:

  • Sufficient future hosting for your site
  • You are the owner of the domain name
  • That you have access to current site data (FTP, SFTP, SSH, etc ...)
  • Request the domain transfer code from the current registrar if you plan to change the registrar

We can advise you and / or carry out certain tasks like you:

  • find adequate hosting
  • Support for domain name transfer, optional 20 €